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Past & Present

Jackson Cavalier is a musician, performer, musician's rights advocate, and music booker, based out of upstate New York. He has been known to perform as a one man band, as well as a front-man for his group The Big Dead Waltz. He has been active in the music industry since 2013 as an Americana and Roots-Rock musician, although his music is not strictly confined to those genres.


Jackson released his first album, 'Barefooted and Still Breathing' with his band The Fevertones at the age of 19. Since then he has gone on to release two solo albums, 2017's 'Half-Moon', and 2018's 'Spellbound'. His latest album, 'Defend Your Illusion', was released in February 2022 and is the first full length album w/ his backing band The Big Dead Waltz.

Outside of the confines of the studio, Jackson has also done extensive work gigging on stages across New York State and beyond, as well as being widely known as an accomplished busker (street performer). Since 2014 Jackson has played 100 to 200 gigs a year on average, and is extremely familiar with the ever-growing brewery circuit as well as the traditional music venue performance.

Beyond being a full time musician, Jackson independently owns and operates a booking agency by the name of Voidyear MGMT. Voidyear was established in 2021 as a means to help new, or already established, artists connect with ethical venues that provide fair pay to musicians.

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